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House Concert

Ghost Town in the Sky

In the ‘90s Bee & Boo connected in the contra dance and English Country Dance community in upstate NY as kindred spirits who are bonded as sister and brother in song.


Bee & Boo grew up in musical environments, playing in New York City bands, respectively in the 70’s and the 60’s. Together, they’ve been performing for nearly twenty years. The duo have jammed and performed extensively in Newfoundland (Atlantic Canada) and the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. They worked as full time country music performers in 2007 and 2008 at the wild–west–styled theme park Ghost Town in the Sky.  Based in Florida, they've performed at Florida folk festivals including the Pinellas Park Folk Festival, the South Florida Folk Festival, and the Sarasota Folk Festival.

Photo ©2015 Darrell Woehler

“We’re playing
  what became


                  — Boo

Photo ©2015 Darrell Woehler

Bee is a  singer / guitarist. Boo is a singer who plays walking dulcimer, guitar and harmonica.

In retirement from working as a duo for two decades, both musicians
are involved in various musical projects beachside on the Space Coast of Florida.

Acony Bell  (Wellch/Rawlings)

Long John  (Traditional)

In a two-hour concert by the duo Bee & Boo at the Cranberry Thistle in Jonesborough, Tennessee, I was amazed at the variety as well as the quality of their performance. The duo have been playing in the Appalachian Mountains nearby in Western North Carolina and travel summertimes to the Atlantic Canadian wilds of Gros Morne National Park in Western Newfoundland, Canada.


Bee has perfected a flattop guitar style purely her own. She's been picking since the '70s, in places as far as New York and Los Angeles. Her voice lends itself perfectly to a harmony matching her musical partner, Boo. John ‘Boo’ Ferris, has a voice that is truly amazing. Along with playing fine harmonica riffs, upon at least two occasions he featured a three-stringed walking dulcimer called the Grand Strumstick, which incidentally, was designed by Bob McNally who created the Martin backpacker guitar.


This pair of musicians featured both traditional Country music and Celtic music during the course of the show. Plus they featured a few of their own songs from their CD, Bee & Boo.


— ©2007 Harold Kite (Jonesborough, Tennessee)

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Here Bee & Boo play Harry Martin's

Newfoundland and Labrador country song,
"Take Me to the Country."

Cow Head


Bee & Boo with Ronald Bennett of St. Paul’s

 at the Cow Head Lobster Festival.

(Newfoundland, Canada)



There is nothing quite as rewarding to an artist or musician as feeling praise

for a work of art or music by those who appreciate it. The following

review of Bee & Boo's Dixon Family house concert set in the

Appalachian mountains, is one such memorable event.

We gave ourselves one of our best anniversary gifts ever — a Bee & Boo House Concert — and our house, full of friends, agreed! Bee and Boo may sing folk, popular, traditional, country or R & B, but it’s never better than when they put their voices together on my personal favorite, "I Never Will Marry."


For our party, they performed a variety of songs. some we recognized others we sang along with and some our friends danced to. Bee & Boo's music is fun, sweet, jazzy, melancholy, loving, tender  —  marvelous no matter what style or song they perform!


They're gifted, comfortable entertainers who come into your home like good old friends, one sharing his beautiful tenor voice, the other her fluid harmony vocals. Their arrangements are musical AND interesting with Boo's strum stick and Bee’s unusual guitar playing, including her  country blues flavor and Piedmont Blues. Their live music is the best, especially when Bee & Boo bring it and sing it in your home.

I hope you'll treat yourself to a house concert.            

— ©2008 Carol Dixon, Hot Springs, North Carolina

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Bee & Boo were the gospel band at Ghost Town
in the Sky and played at the theme park's weekly
Sunday service. Throughout the week they played Appalachian Country Music sets on various stages and worked as strolling performers.

NAME OF EMPLOYER     Ghost Town in the Sky

LOCATION     Maggie Valley, North Carolina USA

YEARS OF EMPLOYMENT  2007 and 2008

POSITION     Musical Duo