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Beee Zander  runs community jams. She sings and plays guitar in a couple of bands and teaches guitar part-time. Beee's played with pre-eminent guitarists, she's been playing guitar since she was an adolescent. Beee loves to play folk festivals and she likes to sit kneetoknee and share tunes with folks just about anywhere. Americana, folk, jazz, Irish, Newfoundland, Appalachian, blues, Piedmont blues, Country music — she sings in many musical styles, and she writes and records at Paradise Sound Arts. In 2017 she's been engaged primarily with her band The Beee Consortium, and John 'Bumper' Demari's Island Mountain Band.



Jeff Meyer  has been playing the bass since he was twelve. He has immersed himself in a wide range of musical genres including rock, blues, R&B, jazz, new age, country, and reggae. He has played with a variety of musicians, both known and unknown, and has performed on the national blues circuit.



The Beee Consortium  Beee works in ensembles with singers and players along the Space Coast of Florida including from time to time (and in no certain order) Jeff Stanton, MaryKate Brennan, Jeff Meyer, Curt Brown, Karen Loffler, Rich Brown, Bonnie Harper Gaarder, Les Barna, George Brown, Evens Colas, David Macdonald, Bob Lusk, George Geiger, Larry Beltz.

Blue Moon  (Rodgers and Hart)


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Beee's a music lover. She's been involved in music scenes in L.A. and New York and  performed country music in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and on the Space Coast of Florida. For a decade in Newfoundland (NL, Canada) she was devoted to playing Irish music along with music partner Boo in the duo Bee & Boo. As a kid Bee took piano lessons, played in recitals, and sang high soprano in school chorus. At 14 she took folk guitar lessons and after awhile got together with friends to expand her chops. She was jazz guitar student of Billy Bauer (of the Duke Ellington Orchestra). Throughout the 60's & 70's she was fortunate to attend jazz concerts in NYC with her father. Her father, Dick Zander was a musicologist by avocation who shared an appreciation of music as well as a substantial collection of jazz, blues, and folk, records. His guidance and inspiration led Miss Bee to develop keen relative pitch, good ear, a snappy sense of synchopation, and an abiding interest in music.


At nineteen (in the mid–70’s) Bee moved to the Village and played music in three notable groups:

  1. Barshaw and Zee. Bee "Zee" sang harmony and played lead guitar in this roots music duo. At the time David Barshaw wrote folk songs in the well–tred tradition of Bob Dylan. They worked with some of the same folks and traced some of the same downtown haunts and entertained in Chelsea and the Village. Bee sang and played guitar, and co–arranged material. At this point  her lead guitar playing achieved it’s own level and style. Exuberant singers and guitarists, Barshaw and Zee were heard at clubs that included Folk City and  Kenny's Castaways. There were times  they busked over open guitar cases on Greenwich Village street corners to survive. Barshaw and Zee were recorded on WBAI FM radio (the recording remains in public radio station archives).
  2. David Peel and the Lower East Side, the seminal NYC rock group — Bee sang back-up vocals and kept the beat with small percussion alongside Phyllis Levine. Phyllis and Bee supported David Peel's band vocally and , with great life-long rocker Tommy Doyle (on bass). David, Tommy, and Phyllis are now deceased. The band performed in Wash. Square Park, recorded in studios (inc. Electric Ladyland), and played outdoor rallies. They notably played for an audience of thousands at a Washington, D.C. convention. Mostly the band played live weekend nights at Mills Tavern on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. Though he has passed, David Peel's music lives on.
  3. The Lost Souls were an original 1977 punk band at the time the genre was formed. The line-up was lead singer Little Annie Bandez (who is back performing in New York City after a European tour), bassist Carl Lundgren (currently rocking in the Bronx, New York City); Sal on drums; Bee on guitar. The Lost Souls rehearsed and they performed at Kenny's Castaways and  CBGBs.


In the Eighties Beee was at the peak of a typographic, graphic arts career. She played guitar synthesizer in Venice, California along with Zeighta Gold and sat in with friends. A fixture in the club scene, venturing out at night to hear live bands, Bee wrote music reviews. Her fleeting image is captured in Penelope Spheeris Decline of Western Civilization music documentary covering the scene. Bee's music column tracked the development and rise of eminent punk, new wave, metal, and rock groups in L.A.


Bee's a–buzzin'... Known best for work with John "Boo" Ferris in the duo Bee & Boo, Beee manages the Rock the Porch Jam series (in Melbourne Beach, Florida). She reaches out to assist others in the musical community, and teaches adult guitar.  •  Bee sits in (guitar, vocals) with Big Stick and the Woodies (in Melbourne Village)  •  She sings and plays rhythm guitar in the 60's classic rock outfit, The Acid Cats • Bee plays lead guitar and sings harmony in John "Bumper" Demari's Beach Mountain Band. Now the sounds of Americana music fill the hive with girl harmony and a touch of the blues on the Space Coast of Florida with The Bee Band — music by Beee Zander, Jeff Meyer and friends.


See Beee's Band Mix music profile for further information.

Blue Gee  — Bee's Open–G Blues

Big Boss Man  — Mel. Village Jam

Instrumentation:      Bee:  guitar,  vocals;
Boo:  vocals, guitar, walking dulcimer, harmonica.


Individually Bee and Boo add to the musical community on Florida's Space Coast. Both of them sing and play a variety of blues infused musical styles including Folk, Rock, Irish, Hillbilly, Appalachian, Gospel, Blues, Pop, Standards, Country & Western and Traditional. Their performance career spanned two decades (1996–2016). With over 90 years of musical experience between them, they are now involved in giving back by enhancing local participation in music.

Photo: Stan Collins

Crazy (Willie Nelson)

Pallet on Your Floor (trad.)

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Boo (John) has lived in many places in North America including the town of Marshall, North Carolina; Cow Head, Newfoundland in Canada; New York City and the upstate; Southern California, and Washington, D.C.. He's based on Florida’s Space Coast.


Musical Background: He started as a five–year–old song and dance boy. Joined his first rock and blues band in 1965, and has performed solo and in bands, choruses and church choirs for over 50 years.


Musical Influences: Huddie Ledbetter, Blind Willie Johnson, Eric Burdon, Ralph Stanley, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, Elvis Presley, the British Invasion, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and more.

Only the Lonely (Orbison)

I Am the Man, Thomas (Stanley/Sparks)